Fenix represents a new beginning - the re-birth of Diamonds. It signals a change in attitude towards diamonds, to capture a new generation of buyers.

In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a long-lived bird that is born again from fire and ashes - a metaphor for the new era of lab grown diamonds.

Fenix is leading the diamond revolution, a rising star in the lab-grown sector. Fenix represents a 5th C in how consumers research and purchase diamonds: Choice.

About CVD Diamonds

Fenix Diamonds are produced using the CVD method, or chemical vapor deposition. In this process, a hydrocarbon gas mixture activates the carbon-atom in a diamond-seed, recreating Earth's forces and conditions to grow a diamond in a state-of-the-art lab.

The Fifth C: Choice

In this new diamond era, consumers may choose to buy a lab-grown diamond because of reduced environmental impact, or because it is an equally beautiful, yet more affordable, option. They may covet a larger diamond, a fancy shape, a unique blue or pink diamond. Fenix Diamonds gives them those choices.

From our factory to a jewelry store near you, Fenix opens a window to the future of diamonds.


  • Grown by a single manufacturer, providing safety from market volatility and uniform quality.
  • Cut to exact specifications with fast lead times.
  • Complete marketing and brand support.